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Famous People With Disabilities

Until you learn about famous people with disabilities, it is easy to feel alone. There are many people who overcome their personal challenges and social stigma and produce real differences in the world. Here are seven examples of the most famous people with disabilities. There are things you might know, others surprise you.

We can easily think of celebrities or successful people in life, or have somehow been lucky. We admire what they have, what they accomplish, and sometimes we resemble them. But the truth is often quite different from what we imagine. You may be surprised by famous people who had to overcome learning famous people with disabilities. In many cases, people are shaped by overcome obstacles such as learning disabilities, rather than inherent talent, intelligence, luck, or money.

Famous People With Disabilities

Famous People With Disabilities

Famous People With Disabilities

Perhaps no one in contemporary history will be consistent with a genius, a great thinker, a genius of super intelligent label over Albert Einstein. In the past several hundred years he has revolutionized how to see the universe more than anyone else. Scientists since Isaac Newton can not agree with Einstein’s genius and achievements. However, he suffered from all those hosts, not one learning disorder. He was diagnosed with dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and autism.

If you say that parents and grandparents have the name Winston Churchill, you may even say that he was one of the biggest political leaders of the 20th century or even saved the world. He does not speak all of German and Japanese today. It may be ironic that he is one of the greatest political achievements in contemporary history, but I was suffering from stuttering of learning famous people with disabilities. Please tell me about handicap over compensation.

If it is not for Alexander Graham Bell, the Internet will not exist as it is today. The invention of both microphones and telephones opened the way for the incredible communication and information super highway that exists today. He invented a way to send sound with a beam of light that led the way of today’s optical communication system. Despite his creative genius bell, there was dyslexia.

Another wonderful inventor, Thomas Edison, was told that he was too foolish, so he was driven out of school at the age of twelve. He was bad in mathematics, and he was in trouble with words and talking. Nevertheless, he overcame his dyslexia and patented over 1,000 inventions including light bulbs.

Celebrities with physical disabilities

A list of famous actors, musicians, actresses suffering from attention deficit disorder and learning
handicapped person who became successful in life disability famous disabled persons wikipedia may shock you. Robin Williams, Lindsay Wagner, Suzanne Summers, Henry Winkler, John Lennon, Beethoven, Mozart, Dustin Hoffman, Danny Glover and Steve McQueen all had learning disabilities. Also, professional athletes can not escape from learning disabilities. Irvin “Magic” Johnson, Carl Lewis, Bruce Jenner, Greg Louganis, Jason Kidd all had to overcome learning disabilities.

Sometimes, talent and genius are not only inherited from birth, but also clear. Overcoming learning disabilities has shaped several careers and achievements of the world’s most famous people. Therefore, please do not sell short for people with learning famous disabled persons in sport. They are intelligent, talented and sensitive just like anyone else, and they have specific types of information.